Story Time

My Gym Partner

“Come on lazy bum, off to the gym we go” I say “Who is a lazy bum? I will kick your ass at the gym” She retorts back “We will see, kisura” I smile sheepishly My look concerns her and she asks “Mmmh….What are you up to?” “Nothing, I am just looking forward to working… Continue reading My Gym Partner



"The older i get the more that i see  my sisters  aren't   hero's they are just like me loving is hard it don't always work you just try your best not to get hurt, i use to be mad but now i know sometimes its better to let someone go " Sasha Sloan

You Poet

Until Then

  One day, you'll meet a guy. And ultimately, his going to find out how you chew, how you sip,  how you dance, how you smell at every point of the day. The fact that most of your friends are shallow,  how your face looks underneath your make up, how much you loveee the vinegar… Continue reading Until Then

You Poet


We can only go up from here. You can panic. That's fine. You have time to panic, but you don't need to.You can, but you don't need to. You've already run into the wrong direction, you've already lost your backpack of supplies, but sure panic. You can but you don't need to. It was well… Continue reading INHABITANTS

You Poet

I Thought Wrong

  Safe sex huh! i had a notion i knew everything there was to know always carry a contraceptive and ne'er ever get pregnant but i guess what i needed more was a mental dam than a dental dam , Be! because i just cant stop thinking about you. People like to talk about ways… Continue reading I Thought Wrong


Letter to my Daughter

Dear Daughter, When you have had enough of running into dead ends all the time, you should remember that dead ends aren't a bad thing. They are just an indication that you need to turn back around. So, turn back around. Don’t settle for being lost. Besides, your life isn't meant to end. It’s a… Continue reading Letter to my Daughter

You Poet


  I woke up this morning with a bad case of the blues. I’m not really sure what to write. Depression has her way with me in my sleep and then clings to me like a caul when my eyes open and I have to pretend to be functional. Things seem OK, then not OK. The… Continue reading I AM A PASSANGER