You Poet


Compare your journey to no one else,

You are counties and stories already,

The only person you must compare

Yourself with 

Is your self

Your journey

Is the most powerful story !

2:00 am and its getting quite and peaceful wouldn’t think of a better way to enjoy this moment than me reflecting to my self discovery journey.. November has been a pleasant month for my family we have checked 85% in our TO-DO List I am at a point where i just can’t wait to witness  the fruits of what we sow. 

We all go through phases just like how the earth , the solar system and the galaxy are all moving through space constantly. Some phases will make us learn and in some, we will loose the people who are not meant to be in our next chapter. That is why it is crucial to treasure the ones who are always there despite and maybe just maybe the true meaning of life is to understand that you have never been in the same physical place twice, not even within your home. How is that possible you ask well….

Each new dawn brings with it new more reasons to laugh, 

you have more than 100,000 new heartbeats in your chest 

your lifeblood voyages  around 168,000,000 miles

Despite the fact that each new morning of this earth translate 50 earthquakes in the coming 24 hours 

maybe more-than 1,800 thunderstorm

our planet is stuck by lighting 8.6 million times

In Venus it snows metal and rains in sulfuric acid

and a teaspoon of a dancing neutron star weighs more than everyone together in the world 

this is why everyday , every new different phase or challenges you find yourself in look at it as an opportunity for rebirth, and no matter what they say you must never underestimate your own worth.  

What i am trying to say my darling 

Is that i know you said you won’t survive this one; midlife crisis they call it! , i call it everyday lessons – Phases and obstacles are meant to happen look at it as a life time guarantee that pushes you to became a better version of your self , because across our universe what is impossible is happening everyday. 

p.s You need to not fear the wolves you hide in your soul. they were made not to hurt you, but to protect you against this world or even yourself when you misuse your magic(energy) . BUT THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY.  

Ps. to my P.S remember to be kind everyone is battling something. 


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