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Self Cultivation is never a easy journey but if we all play part the world would be a better place


I was lucky, still am lucky. I don’t want to look back, like am looking back now, regretting why I didn’t leave.Why I didn’t accept myselfWhy I didn’t love myself a little moreWhy I never considered myself luckyWhat am I running from reallyWhat am I scared about reallyIs it the little girl crying missing her… Continue reading Lucky

Can you hear me now

Can you hear me now? Now that my voice Peach is higher, But my heart is weeping cause I don’t believe in this being a way of communication, Can you hear me now? Now that I broke my own heart, Just to get my point across. Can you hear me now? Now that you understand… Continue reading Can you hear me now

Forever Pain

I never new the depth of the pain until i said it out loud. I wonder why his journey ended early, why did God decide to take you before i met you, writing this makes me cry; because i have been holding the pain for so long, i walked around with it, Hid it with… Continue reading Forever Pain

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